Official Betting Rules for Major League Sports

official betting

As legal sports betting continues to expand across the US, leagues are increasingly pushing for a role as primary stakeholders in state and federal policy. They are also seeking ways to monetize official data. This quest has supplanted the integrity fee as the leagues’ preferred approach to getting their share of legal sports gambling revenue.

The NHL prohibits its players, and people who work for a team or the league, from placing wagers on NHL games. The rule is spelled out in every player’s contract and posted in dressing rooms. The league works with regulators, sportsbooks and independent integrity monitors to enforce its rules and identify improper bettors. The NHL also conducts in-house investigations into possible violations.

Baseball betting rules

A baseball game is a bit different than other major team sports. For one, it’s the only sport where games get shortened due to weather. This can impact the results of moneylines and totals. In addition, full-game moneylines aren’t official until the game reaches five innings or more.

Any MLB employee, including a baseball player or coach, cannot place bets on any multisport competition in which they participate, except for the Summer Olympics. Similarly, anyone involved with the National Football League can’t place bets on NFL games. This includes coaches and other league employees, but not owners or general managers. They can, however, bet on other professional or collegiate sports and on fantasy games. The NBA, WNBA and G-League teams are also prohibited from accepting bets on their own events.