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From the start of modern state-run lotteries, there have been a wide variety of opponents, from all political stripes and from every walk of life, who questioned both the ethics of funding public services through gambling and the amount of money states stood to gain. These critics hailed from the Northeast and the Rust Belt, where citizens resented what they saw as especially onerous taxation.

But the early nineteen-seventies were a time of high inflation, and government spending, even in places like Massachusetts, was rising rapidly. The lottery seemed to offer a way to fund the kinds of government services that people wanted without resorting to taxes that were seen as unduly burdensome on the middle class and working class.

In reality, the revenue that states generate through lottery games does not cover the cost of a lot of government programs. It has to be supplemented with general revenue and by other kinds of spending, including the kind of high-profile advertising that lottery commissions engage in. These campaigns have a number of flaws, including the fact that they wildly inflate the lottery’s impact on state finances; for example, in California, where an S.G.I.-backed lottery initiative passed, lottery proceeds in the first year of the game covered only about five per cent of education funding.