The NFL Develops an Official Betting Policy

official betting

With the advent of legal sports betting in the US, the NFL has started to develop an official betting policy. The league is attempting to strike deals with sportsbook operators, which would boost its security and reliability. Currently, the NHL and MLB are the only sports leagues to offer official betting.

In addition, the NBA has forged a relationship with PointsBet. This means that fans can place bets on the New York Jets, Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NFL has been studying the feasibility of legalized sports betting and has worked with gaming operators, governing bodies, and players. It’s also forged a partnership with an analytics firm, which it uses to monitor its gambling content.

Currently, the NFL does not allow insiders to bet on games or for its employees to bet on sports. However, the league has allowed its broadcasters to sell sportsbook commercials during each game. These commercials will appear at the bottom of the screen.

In April, the NFL announced the official sports betting partners that it has chosen. ESPN and Ceasars are among the companies that have signed on to sponsor gambling content. They will provide sportsbook commercials during each game, as well as gambling-themed simulcasts.

Another partner, DraftKings, will become the UFC’s official sportsbook and daily fantasy partner. This deal is estimated to be worth $350 million, and will give DraftKings the right to use official UFC marks.

For its part, MLB has held talks with a number of sportsbook operators. It is close to securing a partnership with one.