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In the United States, state-run lotteries have raised billions of dollars for public services. Lottery proceeds have been used to build schools, parks, and other public infrastructure projects. However, critics point out that the lottery disproportionately harms low-income people. This is because the money from the games comes from players who are already spending much of their income on gambling. In fact, a study by the Howard Center found that lotteries often target poor neighborhoods, and retailers are more likely to sell tickets in those communities.

The New York state lottery was founded in 1967 with the promise to use its proceeds exclusively for education. It has since upheld that pledge, raising over $68 billion for the school system. In addition to education, the state lottery also contributes to local government projects. For example, it funds the city’s ferries and canals as well as its iconic landmarks such as New York City hall.

Lottery winners must bring their winning ticket to the lottery office in person in order for the prize money to be released. The amount of time that must pass between the purchase and the prize payout varies by jurisdiction. In some places, the winner must provide a birth certificate to verify their identity. This is a safeguard to make sure that the winning ticket was purchased by a real person and not an imposter.

If you’re considering buying a ticket, you can find out more information about the current jackpots and prizes on the official New York Lottery website. The site also offers helpful tips for playing the game.