Unwritten Poker Etiquette

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In addition to the rules of the game, there are unwritten poker etiquette that players should be aware of. These etiquette can make the game more enjoyable and help players win more often.

Poker etiquette is a set of common-sense rules for behavior. It includes things like keeping a clean chip stack, maintaining an orderly chip pile and being respectful of the other players.

Some etiquette is strictly forbidden, while others are considered part of being a good poker player. Becoming aware of these unwritten rules can help players win more money, and improve the atmosphere at the table.

One of the worst violations of poker etiquette is angle shooting. Angle shooting is when a player attempts to “muck” a hand by intentionally misrepresenting their stack.

Another breach of etiquette is when a player makes fun of an opponent’s mistakes. This kind of behavior is rude, and tends to spoil the game.

It is best not to give advice, especially to people you don’t know. Even if you are teaching others, you should avoid making light of their mistakes.

Poker etiquette also says that you should not call out your hand. If you are unsure about your hand, you can peek at your cards, but do not say “Raise” or “Check.”

Abusing these unwritten poker etiquette can cause players to lose, and may even prompt them to leave the room. Depending on the management of the poker room, they may enforce these rules.