What Is Official Poker?

official poker

Official poker refers to rules and procedures established by game operators to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for players. These rules govern everything from the minimum buy-in amount to the maximum raise in a given game. These rules are usually published in a poker book, such as Robert Ciaffone’s Official Rules of Poker. In addition, most casinos and cardrooms have their own set of rules. These rules typically vary from one property to the next, but are usually similar.

It is important to protect your cards. This can be done by placing your hand, another chip, or something else on top of them. It is important to do this because it prevents other players from seeing your cards and deciding whether to call your bet or bluff. It also helps to keep the dealer from accidentally revealing your cards to other players during the deal.

When a player’s private cards make a pair with the community cards in a poker game. Also known as a wired pair.

A bet that is made more because of the strength of the bettor’s position than the strength of his or her hands. Also known as a “reverse bluff.” Alice raised $20, and Bob came over the top for $60 more.

A player’s mathematical expected value from the current deal, calculated by multiplying the amount of money in the pot by the probability of winning it. Also called equity.